Community-recommended computers



brand model CPU max. mem in GB (slots)[1] USB ctrl.[2] core boot[3] note
Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230 i7-3520M 16 (2) 3 yes certified, pre-installed
Lenovo ThinkPad E570 i5-7200U 32 (2) 1 no
ThinkPad L380 i7-8550U 32 (2) 1 no
ThinkPad P51 i7-7820HQ 64 (4) 1 no
ThinkPad T430 i5-3320M, i7-3840QM 16 (2) 3 opt
ThinkPad T450s i7-5600U 20 (1) 2 no
ThinkPad T480s i7-8550U 24 (1) 1 no
ThinkPad X220 / Tablet i5-2520M 16 (2) 2 opt
ThinkPad X230 i5-3210M, i5-3320M, i7-3520M 16 (2) 3 opt developer tested
ThinkPad X250 i5-5300U 16 (1) 2 no
Nitrokey NitroPad T430 i5-3320M, i7-3840QM 16 (2) 3 yes certified, pre-installed
NitroPad X230 i5-3320M, i7-3520M 16 (2) 3 yes certified, pre-installed
Purism Librem 14 v1 i7-10710U 64 (2) 1 yes pre-installed


brand model CPU max. mem in GB (slots)[1:1] USB ctrl.[2:1] core boot[3:1] note
Hewlett-Packard Compaq 8200 Elite SFF i5-2400 32 (4) 2 opt
Criteria for inclusion
  • Qubes OS installs without any workarounds
  • Graphics, networking & audio work without troubleshooting
  • Recommended 16 GB RAM are possible
  • Keyboard/Mouse can be connected via PS/2 in case of desktops
  • Readily available to be purchased (including pre-owned)
  • Multiple community members have confirmed the above
Where to post comments & feedback

To discuss the existence of this list, the criteria or to propose a new entry, please post to this thread. If there is any helpful feedback for new users regarding a computer on this list, then please comment in the respective thread linked from the model in this list.

Date Author Change
12/01/21 @fsflover added the link explaining how to generate the HCL report
11/24/21 @Sven removing ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5 from the list as it does not fulfill criteria and was including by mistake/assumption
10/31/21 @Sven added PS/2 requirement for desktops and first desktop in the list
9/28/21 @Sven added “pre-installed” note where it applies"
9/23/21 @Sven added ThinkPad E570
9/7/21 @Sven reintroduced CPU column; retained sort to not repeat models; memory now shows only max. and slots, coreboot “possible” → “opt”, “comments” → “note” (more compact);
9/4/21 @Sven changed OEM to brand, improved comment guidance: “If there is any helpful feedback for new users regarding a computer on this list, then please comment in the respective thread linked from this list.”
9/3/21 @adw un-hyperlinked the “developer tested” comments, as the URL used now redirects back to this very page
9/1/21 @Sven removed duplicate mention of 16GB from footnote 1, it’s already linked in the criteria and we do not list any computer that doesn’t allow 16GB; reintroduced comments with certified/developer tested
8/31/21 @Sven (re-)introduced columns for memory, USB controllers and coreboot along with respective footnotes to explain why this is relevant when deciding
8/23/21 @Sven transition to machine specific pages linked with the model name; restored ThinkPad T450s; added ThinkPad L380
8/21/21 @Sven changed list and history into table; added memory, USB count and heads status; removed links to individual HCL reports (maintenance nightmare); removed comment about BIOS changes (that belongs in the installation guide); removed ThinkPad T450s due to insufficient max. memory
8/13/21 @Sven better spec link for ThinkPad T430
8/10/21 @Sven removed Purism discussion; added “v1” to Librem 14; added all certified hardware
8/9/21 @Sven added Purism Librem 14; rephrased introduction; mentioned BIOS settings; moved “where to post” and history into this post
8/7/21 @Sven added ThinkPads T480s (i7-8550U), X250 (i5-5300U), and changed the order to sort from fastest to slowest CPU
8/6/21 @Sven initial version

  1. if a computer has slots (aka DIMM sockets) upgrading the memory at a later time is an option. ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. multiple USB controllers allow to further compartmentalize the use of peripherals. ↩︎ ↩︎

  3. coreboot provides auditability and maximum user control. ↩︎ ↩︎


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