Why is the ThinkPad P51 recommended?

Why is the ThinkPad P51 recommended despite the fact that coreboot cannot be installed?

What do you mean by “recommended”? The P51 is not in the list of Qubes Certified Hardware.

OTOH people run a lot of Lenovo laptops without coreboot (for ex. T470, T480) - it is down to each person’s Threat/Security context and stance.

I do not think it is recommended. It is rather old, and Qubes OS does not actually have a real list of recommended laptops, unfortunately. Only several certified.

It is listed under Community-recommended computers

The P51 is on the recommended list because it can be used out of the box
without major issues.
Coreboot is not a requirement for the Community recommended list - you
can see the criteria on that page - under “Criteria for inclusion” - and
there is a lengthy discussion of the P51 here

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