Waking up Qubes from sleep


Yesterday, I closed the cover of my machine (Thinkpad T480S). This morning, it did not want to wake up anymore! The little white light (on the start button) was blinking slowly.

I had to press the start button for 10 seconds. The system restarted completely.

How to solve this problem? How to set the sleep mode on Qubes? How to get out of this sleep mode?

I’ve been to > System tools > settings manager > screensaver

… but I don’t understand all the settings and I haven’t found the solution to my problem.
I did not find any explanatory documents about screensaver or xscreensaver.

If you closed the lid it’s going into suspend mode by default. I have a similar problem so I can’t suspend my laptop. Probably related to this: Resume from suspending is broken after update to Xen 4.14 · Issue #6066 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub. An update to 4.1rc1 or latest Xen should fix the issue (if it is this particular problem).

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If I understand correctly, the problem only occurs when closing the lid?

As I said, I don’t understand all the settings of the screensaver. What do you recommend as settings? What can we set without any problem?

The problem occurs when you suspend the device. Locking should work fine(strg-alt-l), though one of the first things I did when I installed my OS was switching from xscreensaver to light-locker.

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So I will never put my machine to sleep. Thanks for your advice and have a great day!

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Hi @Phil,

Unfortunately that appears to be the reality we find ourselves in.

I have Qubes installed on 30+ machines, and not a single one is able to flawlessly resume from sleep (yet).

I get results ranging from:

  • CPU lockup because Intel ME/AMD PSP wasn’t able to restart correctly
  • The system hard reboots on resume
  • The system resumes, but the display is OFF (even the backlight)
  • The system resumes successfully, but then freezes after a few minutes (right when I’m in the middle of my work!)

Even with intense tweaking and debugging, the best I’ve ever gotten is a 3-minute xscreensaver freeze on resume, before everything starts working again, and even that would hard reboot 20% of the time…

The devs are aware of it, and everyone is trying the best they can.

The biggest issues are:

  • There is such a huge variety of hardware and BIOSes to test
  • Hypervisors like Xen were never really designed to actually sleep

Sadly, a lot of us have to live without sleep/wake at the moment. It’s definitely not ideal, but unfortunately it’s all we have to work with now.

What would actually help a lot is if you could post the output of journalctl +/- 30 seconds of your machine sleeping and resuming.

That way, we could add it to the data pool to get this solved quicker.

Sorry, I wish there was a silver bullet……

No. This is why list of community-recommended computers was created. All hardware in it gives you reliable sleep (pun intended). It also works flawlessly on my Librem 15 (which is sadly not sold anymore).

Edited my previous post for accuracy :slightly_smiling_face:

That was also a pretty good pun…

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That might very well be the case, but it is NOT one of the criteria for inclusion. So in future this list might contain computers that do not support sleep/wake.

Actually in my own experience the p51 does not do sleep/wake.

@Sven I agree. Would be useful info to have, especially when considering purchasing a laptop for Qubes.

Not sure this is true. I have Qubes installed on a Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 and it hard reboots when attempting to come out of sleep. My old Librem 13 did the same thing. All of the machines I have used for Qubes are on the HCL and gave me at least some trouble with sleep.

It has been such an ongoing problem for years that I haven’t even tried to use the feature on my newest system. I just assume it probably doesn’t work. I don’t really miss it either. I just turn off the screen or shutdown if I am not actively using the system. In fact, I suspect the sleep bug makes more people opt to shutdown rather than sleep when leaving their laptop unattended which is probably a good thing. :smile:

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@Sven, would it be worth considering including in some way in the HCL (or somewhere else) whether sleep/wake and hibernate work?

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Hibernating is not (yet) implemented in Qubes: Simulate Hibernation / Suspend-To-Disk · Issue #2414 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.