Waking up Qubes from sleep


Yesterday, I closed the cover of my machine (Thinkpad T480S). This morning, it did not want to wake up anymore! The little white light (on the start button) was blinking slowly.

I had to press the start button for 10 seconds. The system restarted completely.

How to solve this problem? How to set the sleep mode on Qubes? How to get out of this sleep mode?

I’ve been to > System tools > settings manager > screensaver

… but I don’t understand all the settings and I haven’t found the solution to my problem.
I did not find any explanatory documents about screensaver or xscreensaver.

If you closed the lid it’s going into suspend mode by default. I have a similar problem so I can’t suspend my laptop. Probably related to this: Resume from suspending is broken after update to Xen 4.14 · Issue #6066 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub. An update to 4.1rc1 or latest Xen should fix the issue (if it is this particular problem).

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If I understand correctly, the problem only occurs when closing the lid?

As I said, I don’t understand all the settings of the screensaver. What do you recommend as settings? What can we set without any problem?

The problem occurs when you suspend the device. Locking should work fine(strg-alt-l), though one of the first things I did when I installed my OS was switching from xscreensaver to light-locker.

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So I will never put my machine to sleep. Thanks for your advice and have a great day!

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