Please advise me which laptop to buy.

I’m thinking of buying a new one because I can’t use Qubes with my current laptop, but I don’t know which one would be best, so please advise.

I’m thinking about this one from the FSF Guide, but it’s old and I have a feeling it’s going to be slow and frustrating.

Useful links:

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You’re right - it will be.

The problem with posts like this is that it is impossible to give a
sensible answer, because you haven’t said what is important to you, what
you want to use the laptop for, and what budget you have.

Please advise me what car to buy. - See how ridiculous that is?


Unman makes a good point. If you state your need, someone might point you at something more specific.

The more complete process is, for you specifically to do a Risk Assessment. What is your specific Risk.

Both Unman- (who does a lot of helpful Qubes things), and Sven (who keeps up with the HCL -the list of which pieces of laptop-hardware run Qubes, (How easy it is to implement) Both are more knowledgeable than myself.

If your perspective is the same as mine – I am poor. For me, it is what will reliably work that I can afford. I have purchased a refurbished Lenovo Think Pad X-230, and a Lenovo Thinkpad T430.

Each cost me about two hundred US dollars.
They both lack several needed hardware upgrades. RAM upgrade to 16 GB is likely a hundred. After I can get the basic computer to accept it, I will put in a better WiFi Adapter. I know that the BIOS/EFI, which comes with the ThinkPad will only power up with the original Intel WiFi Adapter, and later WiFi Adapter perform better (in distance to source, and faster)

These two laptops, after further modifications form the basis for Qubes “Certified Laptops.” The process of a laptop becoming a certified laptops is described at the bottom of the Qubes OS page.

I think I have written too many details. That is the nature of accomplishing Secure - computers. Details. . The saving Angel is in the Details.

Now, If someone can give a website to suggest the process of how to do a risk assessment. I could search, but I do not know what are the best websites for that.

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My Lenovo T470s with a 6300u 6th generation Intel CPU costed $150. Added 16GB RAM (total of 20GB) for $50 and a 500GB NVMe for another $50. All hardware is supported, the screen is a nice 1920x1080 and it has a thunderbolt 3 USB-c connector if you’d like to add an external GPU for a passthrough to an HVM. The $250 that I paid in total would go a lot further than the $450 that the older laptop that @anonymous2593bnwq posted at the beginning of this thread.

But again, it all depends on what you want or need.


The laptop I want is one that runs the latest QubesOS reliably and comfortably and is as flexible as possible.
I will buy a cheap X230 or T430 that has been developer tested and still allows coreboot to be installed.
Thank you very much.

The other word you should look for is refurbished.

Might need to upgrade amount of RAM.

Yes, I plan to increase the laptop’s memory to 16GB and remove all microphones, cameras, and speakers.
I’d also like to install coreboot, but I don’t know how to do that.

There is a hardware switch for turning off some of those things. Qubes has software switches for those things. I put a band aid over camera just in case.

As for Core Boot, I have been a failure at that.

You can buy a camera privacy shutter for less than $1 online.

Yes, on the Thinkpad X230 the space is curved though. Good point though renehoj for others.

This is what it looks like on my x230

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Looks good.

Can you tell me more about it?

Librem 14 (which is recommended by the Qubes Community) has a hardware kill switch for camera/microphone.

That’s nice, but too expensive. And the speakers don’t have a kill switch.

Are you planning to watch youtube? 720p, 1080p?