Laptop recommendation (detailed requirements listed, time sensitive)

I am so sorry for yet another recommendation thread, I know resources exist, but I am very tight on time and I need a laptop ASAP.

The followings are my preferences, listed by priority, highest to lowest:

  • EU market (can buy on vendor site or Amaz*n)
  • Form factor: thin laptop, not bulky
  • Nice display, though I don’t need 4k
  • Price below 1000 EUR (exceptions can be made if worth it)
  • Quick processor, at least i5 or equivalent
  • HDMI out port
  • New generation hardware
  • No larger than 15’’ if possible…

Would love USB-A and SD (or microSD) card slot.

Not a requirement but I nice thing to have: possibility to install coreboot or libreboot (I’m quite illiterate about it, so what I mean is a non-vendor open-source bios).

I do not care about RAM as long as it’s DDR4 and supports 32GB, as I already have my own. Same for NVME SSD and WiFi module.

I could care even less about nvidia gpu, I don’t need it. Same goes for bluetooth.

Thank you all.

Here is a list of laptops that work well with Qubes OS; tested by the Community:

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I guess Librem 14 fits well here (except the price and “EU market”, but it can be bought from the EU). Lenovo ThinkPad P51 partly fits, too, although it has no Coreboot. We are just not aware of any other machines which work well with Qubes at this point, so it’s all you have.

I was already eyeing the librem but, with import duties and taxes, it seems too much of a gamble if something goes wrong during warranty.

On that note, I am willing to gamble and make things work if necessary.

Regardless, thank you for your effort.