[qubes-users] Meaningful contribution to the Qubes OS project (2 minutes or less)

Here is an easy but meaningful way to contribute that will take you less then 2 minutes!

[user@dom0] qubes-hcl-report
[user@dom0] qvm-copy-to-vm mail Qubes-HCL-*

Please replace 'mail' above with whatever qube you use to participate in this mailinglist. Then please post your HCL report (you’ll find it under ~/QubesIncoming/dom0 in that qube) here.

If you already submitted a report in the past for R3.2 or earlier, please consider sending a new report for R4.0 or R4.1!

If your machine fulfills these criteria:

* Qubes OS R4.0.4 installs without any workarounds
* Graphics, networking & audio work without troubleshooting
* Recommended 16 GB RAM are possible

… please note that in your post. Thank you!


This hcl already exists:


Just want to add that this notebook is working without any troubleshooting with v4.0.X

The only issue exists if you’re lucky enough having an intel i7-8550U:


But even with this CPU it’s working quite fine except in heavy load scenarios where it starts getting slower as described in the issue above.

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20M60019SC-20190905-204549.yml (796 Bytes)

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20M60019SC-20190905-204549.yml (796 Bytes)

Thank you gluonium!

Now all we need is a second user of an Lenovo L380 with i7-8550U to submit a HCL report and we are good to include it into the "just works" list.


Thank you @gluonium, I just added the [ThinkPad L380](Lenovo ThinkPad L380) to the [community-recommended list](Community-recommended computers).