Struggling having a working QubeOS

I’ve been trying for the past two days to have a working qubeos.
My machine doesn’t support IOMMU. So I fixed it using these steps Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS
Then I would change change qubes.InputMouse file by pasting qubes.InputKeyboard content into it (so I can use my keyboard and mouse without having to add qubes.skip_autostart).
I’ve already spent like half a day figuring it out. At the beginning everything worked fine, I started getting my hands on QubeOS and was learning how to use it. Then after a couple of reboot I couldn’t use my keyboard/mouse anymore at the logging page. Looking at the logs (pressing ESC) QubeOS wasnt able to start two services at least every time (each time a different one). I thought it was maybe a mistake I made during my one of my sessions (by installing the wrong soft or entering the wrong command), so I reinstalled QubeOS. This happened to me like three times, each time it was after a reboot (it would happen randomly). I thought it was maybe my machine, so I switched to another one. Unfortunately, same thing with the other machine. I tried with a different hdd and ram but it doesn’t help. Now I can’t even use my keyboard/mouse anymore at the logging page, except by using qubes.skip_autostart which is not a solution. Fixing IOMMU and replacing qubes.InputMouse with qubes.InputKeyboard is suddenly not working anymore.
Is there any solution ? What’s the correct way of installing and setting up QubeOS ?

Acquiring a machine that supports IOMMU, for one; use this list for a turnkey solution.

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Hi, could you give us the content of your qubes.InputMouse’s file and qubes.InputKeyboard’s file please?

Welcome to Qubes!

As you are already learning the hard way, learning Qubes on incompatible hardware can be a painful experience. Not the way I’d recommend starting.

You might want to consider buying a used computer that is fully compatible. Plenty of used Lenovo laptops on ebay for $100-200 range that are slow, but fully compatible.

Qubes really is worth the effort to learn. It’s a steep learning curve at first, but after a while, when you reach a comfort level of understanding, it will actually become very easy to use, because everything will just be common sense.

I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I’m sorry to say, your first time learning Qubes shouldn’t be on incompatible hardware. That is pain easily avoided.

You have already come this far, started learning Qubes. Come a little further. Get a compatible computer. You’ll be glad you did.

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