Hey I'm looking for a good laptop

Hey I’m looking for a good laptop for qubes but new from the store. Not the old thinkpad. The supported list is small. Price up to 1300 euros

Hello Oneuser, and welcome to the forum!

I use a Purism Librem 14 personally. I opted for the base configuration, and upgraded to 32gb and a 2TB NVME Samsung 980. Works excellent and running Qubes 4.2rc1 right now…

For a complete rundown on what works with Qubes, check out the HCL:

Best of luck in making your hardware choices. I love when I get to go shopping by doing my homework first! Have a great day…


fyi amd cpu for qubes 4.2 is very good.

i also prefer lenovo legion

I’ll be looking for a new laptop soon, and I’ll be looking at Purism Librem, System 76, and Framework.

If I can’t get any those for some some reason, I’ll be looking at Dell Latitudes. The old one I have works great with Qubes, but the current model has an awkward layout.

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I bet you noticed:

I got the Framework 13 mostly working in Qubes 4.1.2:

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Does AMD have sane sleep/wake support in Qubes yet? I’ve stuck with Intel for laptops because I do like working suspend/resume on my portable hardware. I don’t care as much for desktops, but being able to shut the lid and chuck a laptop in my bag for a while (yes, I’m aware of the security tradeoffs being made) is properly convenient.

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in my laptop yes it does, either you suspend / close the lid, laptop is lenovo legion 17ach6
and when i say amd cpu is very good in 4.2 i do compare it with my other laptop lenovo legion 15imh05h

This working or not working is a common issue for Qubes installations and has no dependency, as far as I am aware, on the CPU brand. The guide I linked directly above your post offers the fix that widely works for most users. Note that there are multiple locations a GRUB config should live, and my post, as well as a reply demonstrate two possible methods to fix this issue of not returning from “deep” sleep (Hibernate, as of this reply, is not expected to work at all).

I chose the Librem 14 due to Heads and the hardware kill switches. It also helps that it supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM. I have had no issues using Qubes 4.1.2 on it.


I also will be looking for new device later on, because I didn’t know I was going to use Qubes and I will need more RAM, but it’s so frustrating to see that there’s no way to be sure if it’s going to work or not when buying a modern hardware… it feels like this is actually the most annoying thing about Qubes - lack of support for new hardware.

The ones that are available and suitable for me with AMD processors have bad HCL, sadly… Take a look at Zenbooks, I have UM535 available to purchase, but I’m so not sure about it. HCL for zenbooks: “no wifi”, “internal keyboard and sleep do not work”…

i have 2 legion and everything is good (perhaps because i always use testing repo?) i can also guarantee its stability from qubes testing.

hibernation, close lid, etc is worked on the amd version.

But only one of them is AMD… :slight_smile:
BTW: I actually have these available in my country, with 6900HX. Despite they’re not really eye catching for me I’ll be considering them too when the moment come. Thanks