Otherss who bought a NV41 and have noise issues?

Bought the NV41 as recommended here Community-recommended computers

Qubes installed just fine but the motherboard makes some really loud rattling/high pitched noise. They already replaced the motherboard once, but the new one is even louder.

Video here bzzzz

Anyone else have the same issue with this laptop? Is this even normal, can it be fixed? The noise is driving me crazy and I’m thinking of returning the laptop.

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Are you sure it’s not the power supply? There is nothing I know of on a motherboard that operates at a human auditable frequency, but the power supply definitely does.

Both boards may have been pulling enough current to be causing the power supply to vibrate as it switches on and off, which is why it’s called a “switching power supply”. If that high pitch sound is a multiple harmonic of 120 Hz its likely the power supply.

It could also possibly be a peizo speaker on the motherboard if the current from the power supply is not clean. Again, check your power supply.

Try to borrow power from another computer system power supply and see if that changes your sound issue any. If so, buy a new one.


I’m aware of the sound you are referring to. It is coil whine of a certain component on the motherboard. Luckily, it is nothing to worry about, but I can imagine if you find this disturbing.

It is a very low volume sound which shouldn’t be disturbing for most users, but it can still be irritating for users that work a lot in very silent environments.

I found a workaround to massively decrease the volume of this ringing sound, as the sound is coming from a specific area. I was first thinking of sound reductive foam, but I’m afraid it can burn too easily. Therefore, I choose heat pads instead. And they seem to reduce the noise quite well. Please have a look at this attached image:

NovaCustom customers can apply for these heat pads for free if they contact support directly.


@novacustom does it affect every NV41 notebook but most people don’t hear it in their loud environment ? Or is only a percentage of notebooks affected ? Only old ones or also new orders ?

And what is the “certain component on the motherboard” ?

does it affect every NV41 notebook but most people don’t hear it in their loud environment ?

Yes, I think so. The volume is really low, most people won’t notice it.

I’m not sure what component of the motherboard is causing this low volume noise. After applying my workaround, I wasn’t able to hear it anymore …


@savory @ anyone reading this;

Apart from the suggested improvement, Acoustic Noise Mitigation in the beta firmware version should help to reduce the interference sounds even further.


I found this to happen if the CPU frequency governor is set to max performance all the time, this is useless as the on demand is doing well. On Qubes OS 4.2 I have no noise, same for Linux distros except if I force the CPU frequency scheduler to performance mode.


I always have a fan on here, so can’t hear anything from laptop.

Same for the beta firmware version?