ThinkPad L14 G2 Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U working?


after my Inspiron is likely not to work with Qubes it will get sent back.

As a replacement i am thinking of a ThinkPad L14 G2 with a Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U. As this CPU/iGPU is rather new (Q1 2021)i wanted to ask if anybody has experience with it and Qubes.


There’s many discussion about intel / amd, nvidia / radeon on linux, I’d say that intel cpu and radeon gpu work best for linux.

If you want some ready to use laptop, take a look at Hardware compatibility list (HCL) and Community-recommended computers

what causing it ?

I don’t know exactly. First i thought it might be a GPU driver issue but other machines with the same GPU are in the HCL. This is the post i created for it, but i have given up on that one and hope that the ThinkPad will work.

I can confirm, that qubes 4.0.4 is working out of the box on the Lenovo ThinkPad L14 with the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850 with some restrictions like no working screen brightness control.

Man what a coincidence, I’m considering almost same machines: Inspiron 5515 amd 5700U 32 ram and plan b is T14s G2 amd 5850U 32 ram. Someone here warned that i7 11 gen needs some tweaking to get along with qubes, so i just switched to amd in my search to avoid extra hussle.

So you stick with Lenovo and only issue is brightness? How bad it bothers if it does at all? For me brightness is probably too important. Day/night use with same brightness - can’t even imagine.

My current machine is surface pro 4 i5 8gb. 2 problems: touch screen is not touch anymore:) which is fine with me; and battery with just browsing web no video lasts no more than 2 hours - that really bothers, literaly carrying charger in my pocket. And off course lack of ram, but that was expected.

Did you consider other machines similar to above mentioned? I really want as light as possible, max performance cpu(with device size/weight in check) and 32 ram. There are very few overall, and in addition to that qubes compatibility is a hit or miss… I’m kind of getting stressed out with this adventure. Now I see why first advice I got just to get Librem 14 preinstalled…

It works much better with 4.1 and the newer kernel.
ACPI events work, brightness, slightly reduced power consumption, better thermals.

Sleep does not work however.

Thank you for your report. Is the HDMI output working with 4.1?

Yes. Also brightness control, multihead over docks and all the good stuff.

However i do experience a weird issue because of my wifi. I remember i switched it to another, so this might not be an issue with the stock configuration.

Linked there is another issue that i had with 4.0 very sporadically but yet to see if this happens on 4.1 too.

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Oh nice, may be a candidate for my new machine.