Qubes does not boot or is not seen

I’m currently at my wits end here, I’ve been trying to get Qubes working for the past week, I have used Rufus and BalenaEtcher to flash my USB with the installer to which I have gone through the entire installation on both my HDD and my USB drive to which when I’ve installed Qubes on my HDD the drive disappears and is not bootable. On the other hand when I’ve installed to my USB it’s installed but then it cannot boot from the USB it just black screens then asks me to pick a boot option again, I’ve followed the guides on here as well as the troubleshooting for UEFI, yet nothing seems to fix my issue, when I’ve tried copying the files for xen it always says they do not exist and when I’ve explored the drive where the installation is the entire boot files are missing so I’m lost. I am new to Linux as a whole and to trying Qubes so I would appreciate some help and even Eli5 if possible. I’m not sure what else to do. Thank you.

Have you by any chance checked the Qubes hardware compatibility list? That’s not to say you can’t run Qubes if your machine isn’t listed, but it would certainly boost your morale if your machine is on the list.

It also might help others help you if you include information about the hardware you are using and the version of Qubes you are trying to install.

That said, it should be possible to install Qubes on your computer hard drive with a recent iso image from a USB drive - but it’s not guaranteed. I recently installed 4.1 after initially having similar trouble trying to install 4.0.4. Some modern machines seem to be problematic because they don’t offer legacy boot mode which has historically played nice with the Qubes installer.

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Thanks for your reply! I did look through and didn’t see my hardware really, I have also tried the test release and that wouldn’t work for me either.
Motherboard: MSI B560M MAG Mortar WIFI
CPU: 11th Gen Intel i5-11600K 3.90 GHz
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB DDR4
I’m currently using Intel Integrated Graphics with the CPU as I’ve yet to find a card. Hopefully this will help fix my issue. I’m happy to provide any other details. I don’t want to give up, stubborn like that!

@NoPatienceLeft, welcome to the community! You are attempting to install on a Rocket Lake CPU that was just launched earlier this year. There are still know issues with Tiger Lake CPUs (basically everything >= 10th generation). One mayor cause might be that Xen itself still struggles with some of the changes made by Intel.

There are several folks who have succeeded to install Qubes OS on Tiger Lake CPUs. Just search the HCL for “Tiger Lake”. By clicking in their names (last column) you get to the thread where the report was posted. Often there are additional comments or even a discussion. You might find helpful information there in case you want to keep trying.

As pointed out in many threads before this one, getting Qubes OS to run on the latest and greatest hardware always was and is a challenge. In about ~2 years time Qubes OS will likely install just fine on this computer. I’d recommend coming back and giving it a try every 6 months starting from the release of R4.1.

Until then, you might want to check out one of the community-recommended computers, most of which are available used and quite affordable.

I don’t want to give up, stubborn like that!

Good to hear. Dive into the HCL reports mentioned above and even if that fails: check back often an regularly. One day soon your computer will work with Qubes OS!

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Thank you for your reply! I will check out the other post! Yeah I can keep trying every so often to see if we got it yet it’s no big deal! Just an impatient person sometimes and then I want things to just work! But I appreciate your advice thank you!