Add NitroPC Pro to Community-recommended computers

The NitroPC Pro certified hardware should be added to the Community-recommended computers page.


This is the same motherboard that 3mdeb support for dasharo.

I just joined here, and yes I know how to use “search”. I read through many threads about the NitroPC Pro. I also suspect that their company is not on staff here but hopefully they read here or someone might know how to “prompt” them for a response to this post or the email I sent them.

I sent them an email requesting to have Qubes 4.2.0 installed before delivery (the website still mentions the older 4.1.x version) so that I can be fully confident in the machine using the current release of Qubes software. I have heard nothing for a couple of days now. If they will do that I would cheerfully buy the machine.

You guys will essentially see me living in this forum as I undertake this project. I have been using Linux - Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu with virtualbox for many years now. The Qubes OS makes alot of sense to me. While the NitroPC Pro is priced high I want and will equip it with max hardware to future proof my potential needs.

If this post is in the wrong forum I hope a Mod will indulge me and move it accordingly.

I’m afraid it is; NitroKey does have it’s own forum, where this kind of post would be far more appropriate.


Thank you for the steer. I had no idea there was a support forum over there.

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