New laptop to avoid trouble shooting?

Hey there! I was having difficulties installing the Qubes 4.1.1 release from my booted usb to an empty usb!

Here is a detail of the struggle:

It got so bad with troubleshooting that at one point I though about buying a pre-installed Qubes usb from ebay!

Now, I was thinking of buying a compatible laptop (from the list). If i were to do so, would their be little to no troubleshooting involved, rather than having to type multiple lines of code and working through everything? I was thinking it would be as smooth as this vid:

Also, will I ever need to use VMware or a virtual machine in the process? I have been seeing a lot of references in posts and videos!

Please advise me!

Thanks in advance

if you want to test qubes in vmware you can choose laptop with intel proc. everything is work as expected. depends on your budget and workload, an old laptop like x230 or t430 is good, and <= 10th gen intel would run fine in stable repo.

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I see!

How about a simple installation on lets say the t430?

Would i just hit f12 (whatever the boot key is) chose uefi and then hit test and install 4.1.1 and it will work just like that?

Or is their more troubleshooting?

If so, is it simple troubleshooting like enable virtualization and legacy mode or more complex like coding in, kernel=, grub, etc?

Thanks in advance!

in my x230 i5, yes reenable vtd vtx, then everything just work. no need to setting kernel parameter on grub.

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The T430 and X230 laptops are pretty well tested on Qubes—you shouldn’t need to do more than make sure virtualization is enabled for everything to work properly, system-wise

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