Hardware compability (H470/B460)

So I looked around for new hardware (small form factor desktops) and some questions have arisen:
Does a successful installation (if necessary without sound, WiFi and bluetooth) mostly depend on chipset model and will Qubes 4.1 run on Intel H470 and B460 chipset?
Sadly I can’t find specs beforehand for the LAN hardware, the docs just say 10/100/1000 GbE-LAN.
Can I choose any Intel i3 or i5 CPU from the 10th generation with integrated UHD 630 graphics?
Are major desktops brands (e.g. HP Slim Desktop, Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini) known to have UEFI issues?

Thanks and best regards

Hello and welcome to the community!

These are probably your best friends at the moment.

Here you can check what CPUs and chipsets support Qubes requirements


And here, of course you can check if there’s something of your interest.