Desktop CPU and Motherboard is best and work properly?

I have looked at the HCL, etc. But still can’t decide on the CPU and Motherboard that will work.
I was looking at an i7 or AMD CPU 5700G, but can’t decide, seems really hard to pick a CPU and Motherboard, there seems to be more consensus with laptops, than desktops
I have only used it with an old GPU not an integrated CPU, but with the current prices of GPU is not possible for me. Sorry English is not my main language.

Hi @newb1, I’m glad you are interested in Qubes OS! Have a look at community-recommended computers. There is currently only one recommended desktop there.

This is intentional, mostly due to the problems with USB keyboards: How to use USB devices | Qubes OS.

Thank you your response :slight_smile:
I was planning on buying parts individually, not a “branded” one.

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Regular rant here: I still do not understand why to force people to use laptop hardware (I hate laptops!) instead of making sure usb qube works as intended and has all the necessary fallbacks in an appropriate way. All that requires is a few simple heuristics and smarter udev rule handling. We could brainstorm this to find out how to do it properly, the coding part is going to be just a few trivial scripts (and a lot of testing, hehe)

Probably it deserves a separate topic, but I truly believe we are handling USB security PLAIN WRONG. The current USB qube approach as we have it now was a hack designed to bring “some” security without even thinking about it.

The actual attack surface is still huge because we do not even care to mess with udev rules and have full default plug and play there. A malicious USB device still can act as rogue HID, or exploit a driver bug and install a keylogger and there is next to nothing to prevent it.