Recommend any good laptop for Qubes

Hello everyone!
Dear community, could you please recommend me some laptops in order to install Qubes on it without any problems?
Because, I tried to install Qubes on my main machine, Ryzen 7 3700x / Nvidia 1660 Ti, and I couldn’t do it, below is a screenshot of why.
Now I’m trying on a virtual machine. according to this guide Help runnig R4.2 on my Virtual Box - #16 by siqinghelp
Regarding the installation of Qubes, I want to use it in conjunction with Whonix as in this video
Maybe someone can advise me on a good laptop that will match System requirements | Qubes OS
and will install Qubes without any problems, and preferably a productive laptop, I think a regular Thinkpad, legendary series like x220/230, will not pull it together with Qubes + Whonix. So I’m looking forward to your sets and recommendations!

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Sure, I recommend the Purism Librem 14 v1, which is the laptop I use. It has two hardware kill switches, supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2666 MHz, and supports at least two Coreboot payloads, SeaBIOS and Heads. Unlike the thread linked above, I have no issues using Qubes.

Otherwise, if you want more options, see the list of community-recommended computers.