Suspend stop working + qubes wan't start autimaticaly on boot


Anybody expect issues with lates updated 4.1 Qubes with Suspend? Qubes want suspend anymore. I never have his issue on this laptop before.

Also vms want start on boot anymore…

Suspend functionality just isn’t reliable on any Linux distro, and more so unrealiable on QubesOS, afaik. Just don’t use it.

I noticed that once my sys-usb wasn’t started on boot, I noticed that so when I tried mounting a USB. But this hasn’t happened again since some time now.

Which VMs are not starting on boot for you?

This is absolutely not true. My Librem 15 has been having flawless suspend with Qubes for many years, including R4.1. Here are more devices with confirmed reliable suspend: Community-recommended computers.

Anything in journalctl in dom0?

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Alright. Sorry for the false info, and thanks for correcting me.

Last time I check, first suspend was flawless, but second not work (also simple shutdown not work at the same time).