Please submit R4.1 HCL reports!


When you upgrade to / install R4.1 please submit a new HCL report.

This is a very quick and easy 2 minute way of supporting the project!

If your machine fulfills the following criteria, please call it out for inclusion in the community-recommended list:

  • Qubes OS installs without any workarounds
  • Graphics, networking, audio and suspend work without troubleshooting
  • Recommended 16 GB RAM are possible
  • Keyboard can be connected via PS/2 in case of desktops
  • Readily available to be purchased (including pre-owned)

Got a Slimbook on order so will check and respond once it arrives.

We do not have a (pseudo-)anonymous way to submit HCL reports.

However several reporters have chosen to email me their reports asking to be listed as ‘anonymous’. Some even used GPG to encrypt their message using my email address and key available on the team page.

From my perspective this works.

I commit to:

  • list you in the report as ‘anonymous’
  • mention only ‘anonymous’ in the respective commit messages

Please know:

  • I do not keep online copies of emails, but at the very least their metadata can obviously be observed by your as well as my email provider and potentially other parties observing internet traffic
  • if you can and care, encrypt them
  • obviously I will know your email address and whatever else you disclose in your email … so you won’t really be anonymous.
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21 days later we received 30 reports for R4.1 and our community-recommended list has 3 machines (X230, T430 & P51).

I am not sure if we want to use reports that where submitted for the Beta and Release Candidates when building the community recommended list. Opinions? Maybe that’s a non-issue?

Also, please send more reports!!!