Can you give advice to buy new laptop?

my lenovo x230 is broken now. so I’m thniking to buy new laptop than fixing.

Because x230 is really slow. i was feeling stress.

I’m searching to get cheap and fast laptop.

If someone likes your laptop, could you tell the model?

You didn’t tell us anything precise about your needs and possibilities. What is cheap for you? “Cheap and fast” is definitely impossible. How about buying a cheap one and upgrading it later? (I did it with my Librem 15 and happy) Do you need a GPU passthrough? Do you require many USB controllers? Do you prefer a free BIOS (coreboot)? Heads?

In general, there are already many topics like this on the forum, try to search for “new laptop” or something.

Most importantly, there is a Community recommended list:

Some days ago I just noticed an ad for a max upgraded T430 here. These are good machines for the price or something similar like a T480.