Why x230?

I was looking at this and was wondering why the developer tested laptop is x230?Does anyone have that old laptop?

Anyone know the reason?

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x230 is still very popular in the Linux community and is well supported by the mainline kernel. It’s also available on the refurbished market. It seems developers simply had this device since a long time.

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It was also easy to upgrade many parts of it, including the screen. An open source firmware replacement can also be done for cheap.

But this is a machine that is totally outdated by nowadays standard.


This depends on what you are trying to do with a computer.


Hi @regi

Yes. I have a few.
I’m just another qubes user, not a developer so unfortunately I can’t confidently answer your question

With regard to your “old laptop” comment, my opinion is that sometimes newer is not always better (depending on your threat model and requirements).

You might also wish to consider

and Heads compatibility, history, and support

Nevertheless the following is worth reading if you haven’t seen it yet:

Extraneous comment

@fsflover I wish things were this simple. Any chance you can back up your conjecture?

Best regards…