Made Post About Being Hacked, Why Deleted?

A Standalone VM that I made was hacked while using Qubes. I made a post about this. It was deleted. Why was this post was deleted? I made it several days ago.

Off-topic in this threadHow did you determine and come to the conclusion you were 'hacked'?
Off-topic in this threadThings don't get "hacked" the way you described it. If I remember correctly, you refused to provide logs based on your threat model, leaving us with a bunch of text and nothing else to work with.

The topic wasn’t deleted:

Edit: moved this topic to the Forum Feedback category.

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I have this when I open the link:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Ok, let’s figure this out. @moderators Is this intentional for posts in that category?

The OP did get an answer, though, so if they couldn’t see it either, that’s probably unintentional.


Even if you don’t like the question or don’t like the lack of logs deleting the entire question seems very severe.

I posted this right after it happened and didn’t even want to use Qubes for days. I have no way of knowing best steps to mitigate this. It would have helped to know if what I described in the post would be explained by a hack or if there’s some other possible explanation.

I also don’t know whether I should reinstall all of Qubes or try a different distro for the StandAlone VM and whether it means all of my networking Qubes got compromised.

It would have been nice if I could have had feedback from other people instead of having the post deleted by someone who didn’t like it with no explanation so I have no feedback at all.

When I open that link I get page not found. So it’s not deleted?


@dispuser Did you read my answer? Your topic wasn’t deleted, and you indeed got feedback in that threaf!

I can’t read that page.

Here is the address:

Here is what shows when I open that:

Qubes OS Forum

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


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No, it was only moved to an adequate category, and you got a reply in it. Now, if you can’t see it, that seems unintentional, and I’ve asked the question already.

Please hold on for a bit while we figure this out, apologies for the inconvenience on behalf of the moderation team.

Especially, I understand these are probably stressful times, and the misunderstanding may be all the more upsetting as a result. We do our best to organise the forum and keep it a good place to learn and share, but indeed sometimes make mistakes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry about this poor experience. It was in fact a combination of misconfiguration of the forum and miscommunication of the moderators.

It should now be accessible. So it was in fact no deleted, just moved to a category that was available to moderators but not yet to regular users.