Issues with 4.2.0-rc4 install

Figured i’ll just share my experience:
Laptop locks up after install finishes and i have to reboot the system. But reboots also lock up the system in 4.1, but reboots fine in Ubuntu and Fedora.
After i manually reboot, and select Debian template on first boot i get the following error pop up and non of the VMs are installed:

[‘usr/bin/qvm-template’, ‘install’, ‘–nogpgcheck’, ‘/var/lib/qubes/template-packages/qubes-template-debian-12-xfce-4.2.0-202310110326.noarch.rpm’]
stdout: “”
stderr: "Installing template ‘debian-12-xfce’…
Error reading file from rpm payload
ERROR: Failed to extract debian-12-xfce template

Interestingly i believe i got the same error on default install with Fedora template. Install media tested fine