In which qube should I connect to Wi-Fi? dom0 or sys-net?

Hello. I’m a beginner and I didn’t find any information about this in the documentation, maybe my question is too stupid. I’m using the chain: Whonix-Workstation → Whonix-Gateway → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net → dom0. In which of these qubes should I connect to Wi-Fi? In dom0 via the “Wi-FI Networks” app, right? What is the use of a sys-net qube then? Thanks

You need to connect in sys-net because it has your PCI network controller. You should have an icon in your widgets that looks like 2 computers (this is network manager), this is where you can enable wifi. If it’s not there, open Qubes Manager and check if sys-net is currently running (it should have a little green circle next to it if it’s running).
dom0 is your AdminVM, it has no network connection at all and is isolated from everything else.

To confirm, the system tray icon for Network Manager represents the networking in sys-net, not dom0.