4.2-RC4: WiFi and ethernet stopped working

Recently both my wifi and my wired ethernet stopped working. First it was the wifi, then it was the ethernet. Using my cellphone in usb-tether mode still works (my sys-net is same as my sys-usb). I installed 4.2-RC3 and have been updating (so I think that means I’m on RC4 now). I tried using kernel-latest for both dom0 and sys-net. I tried setting my wifi card to permissive mode. No luck. I’m using a Framework 13 laptop with intel 13th gen.

Any advice?

Thank you!

Advice: try older kernels, especially one that was working for you.

Very reasonable advice but it didn’t seem to work. I’ve tried different kernels for both the appvm and dom0 but can’t get ethernet or wifi back. Once RC5 comes out, I’ll try a clean install.