Installation of Qubes on ThinkPad T16

Hi, I am trying to install Qubes 4.2.1 on ThinkPad T16 gen2 AMD.
When I started with bootable USB this screen appears.

I am trying Qubes first time on this machine.
What should I do?

Sorry I am not understanding what I should do now. Please bear with me, Can someone elaborate?

You can blacklist ucsi_acpi instead of fully disabling acpi as was suggested here:

To do it you need to boot Qubes OS installer and at the GRUB menu you need to edit the menu entry for Qubes OS installation and add the module_blacklist=ucsi_acpi at the end of kernel command line.
You can see this as an example on how to edit the GRUB menu entry:

This allowed me to install but trackpad is not available.
Network manager applet says no network devices available. Can you suggest how to proceed further.
And you are great.
Thank you.

Did you try connect using Ethernet or WiFi?
If WiFi is not working then most probably the problem is missing firmware in the sys-net template.
What template did you select for your system qubes during initial setup? Debian or Fedora?

If the problem is missing firmware then you’ll need to do this:

Download the latest firmware from some other system, copy it on some USB drive, then in Qubes OS copy the firmware files to your sys-net template.


You can try to switch it to fedora template (just change the Template from debian to fedora in sys-net Qubes Settings), maybe the firmware there will be more up to date and your WiFi controller will work with it.

If not then follow this:

Just to make sure that it’s the problem with firmware, you can check the output of this command in sys-net terminal:

sudo dmesg | grep iwlwifi

And search for errors.

Returns nothing

Did a mistake. Didn’t installed fedora

What’s the output of this command in dom0 terminal?

qvm-pci | grep sys-net


That’s strange. Then no PCI device is attached to sys-net.
Your network controllers should’ve been attached to sys-net during Qubes OS initial setup.
Check the sys-net Qube Settings → Devices tab, do you see any entries in the right column?

Says dom0:01_00 network controller Qualcomm wireless adapter sys-net

Can you suggest some solution for trackpad.

I am reinstalling to go with default configuration and fedora.

Don’t know how to fix it.
Maybe you have this issue with your trackpad:

You can check whatever you have the same issue by checking the output of this comand in dom0 terminal:

sudo dmesg | grep i2c_hid_acpi

You can check the output of sudo dmesg in sys-net to see how did system handle this device.

Issue linked shows that adding ioapic_ack=new to xen boot parameters fixes trackpad I think.
Where should I add this parameter?

Edit /etc/default/grub in dom0.
Find the line that begins with GRUB_CMDLINE_XEN_DEFAULT
Add ioapic_ack=new at the end of the line in quotes.
Save and close the file.
Run this command in dom0:
sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg