Touchpad not working

Bought new laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Pro), new hardware, touchpad not working. What can I do to fix it?

New kernel into dom0? (qubes-dom0-unstable repo is not working)
Compile new kernel for dom0 myself?
Install drivers for touchpad into dom0?

What’s the hardware, and what’s the relevant device IDs for the touchpad?

A simple test is to see if the current Fedora images work with it - if not, then there’s probably not kernel support yet.

What’s your current dom0 kernel?

uname -r


You’re using the latest kernel, maybe you can try to use the older one 6.1 for a test.
What’s your exact laptop model?
Check if it’s connected with PS/2 or USB.
You can also check the dom0 logs with journalctl -b and see if there are any errors or failures related to touchpad.

IdeaPad Pro 5 14APH8

How to check if it is USB or PS/2?

On Fedora 39 live CD with kernel 6.5 touchpad is working fine

With 6.1 qubes kernel it not working

I guess it is PS/2, as it is not in lsusb list. And keyboard is PS/2 for sure.

Check the output of this command in dom0:

journalctl -b | grep -i touch

Also download and write the Fedora Live ISO on some USB drive and check if your touchpad will work there.

Already did.

[root@localhost-live ~]# dmesg|grep -i touch
[ 3.365514] input: ELAN06FA:00 04F3:3280 Touchpad as /devices/platform/AMDI0010:00/i2c-0/i2c-ELAN06FA:00/0018:04F3:3280.0002/input/input6
[ 3.432920] input: ELAN06FA:00 04F3:3280 Touchpad as /devices/platform/AMDI0010:00/i2c-0/i2c-ELAN06FA:00/0018:04F3:3280.0002/input/input9
[ 3.432988] hid-multitouch 0018:04F3:3280.0002: input,hidraw1: I2C HID v1.00 Mouse [ELAN06FA:00 04F3:3280] on i2c-ELAN06FA:00

What’s the output of this command?

sudo libinput list-devices

Also run this command and check if there will be events in the output when you use the touchpad:

sudo libinput debug-events

In Fedora39 output is:

In Qubes OS 4.2 there is no touchpad or mouse mentions.

Is this output from Fedora Live?
What’s the output from Qubes OS dom0?

Yes it from Fedora 39.

On Qubes OS there is no output. Empty.

So, in this laptop there is ELAN06FA touchpad.

How to find what kernel module is responsible for this?

What’s the output of this command in dom0?

sudo dmesg | grep -i i2c

And maybe:

sudo dmesg | grep -i ELAN

Maybe related:


kernel modules are responsible for Touchpad.

How do I know if they are up to date? (my guess is that in Fedora 39 6.5 kernel i2c is newer than in Qubes 4.2 6.6 kernel)