Whonix 16 ready

Does anyone know if whonix 16 for qubes still in test or is it ready to go live and replacing whonix15?

Thank you

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Whonix 16 update on R4.04 was unexpectedly smooth. The salt script really did a great job.

Has this issue been fixed: Testing whonix-ws-16 and whonix-gw-16? If not, it needs to be fixed in a hurry or I will lose all ability to update (see Can't update)

so, @pr0xy , this is not completely smooth.

It was fixed a while ago. You can also clone sys-whonix as sys-whonix-15 (based on whonix-gw-15) and keep it around as a backup.

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Not sure what to tell you @Narvey …the update from Whonix 15 went pretty smoothly for me on R4.04 using the salt script. I followed the instructions on the Whonix site. I’ve been updating dom0 with Whonix 16 for about a month now.