Short list of laptops/desktops that work well with Qubes OS

I’ll check

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@fsflover wrote:

I as mentioned above, Librem 15 is out of stock, not available for
purchase. It does not fulfill condition 4. I doubt there are many
used laptops available on the market.

There was one listed on eBay but the listing was taken offline. So yeah,
couldn’t find it anywhere else and will remove it from the list.

@oijawyuh wrote:

Lenovo Thinkpads T470s, T480s, T490s, X250 and Carbon X8, and Lenovo
Yoga 720. I installed Qubes OS for friends on these laptops over the
past few years.

Thank you! That’s the kind of feedback I am looking for. Will check if
we have sufficient HCL coverage for those.

Any chance you can get your friends to send in HCL reports? … they all
worked “out of the box” without workarounds and troubleshooting?

T470s, T490s, Carbon X8, Yoga 7

Unfortunately we don’t have a single HCL report for those. Need two to
make in on the list.

T480s (i7-8550U)

Bingo! … got two good R4.0 reports from D4hrm4 and quququbebebe. Will
add to the list.

X250 (i5-5300U)

Got a good R4.0 report from @qubicrm from 3 days ago saying it all
worked fine. There is one more report for R4.0 on the same machine from
Yamagata Hiroo using a slightly older BIOS version. He describes having
to edit xen.cfg in his blog
but makes
clear it is BIOS version dependent: “This happened in BIOS 1.27 and
1.34”. Whereas @qubicrm uses 1.41

So I think we’ll list this one too with a note that the user needs to
make sure to have the latest BIOS version before attempting to install
Qubes OS. That’s not really a workaround. Please let me know if anyone

(Updated OP to include a link to the “just works” list.)

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I remember that I had a previous BIOS version when I installed. Current BIOS was updated later.
One thin I did not mention, but maybe relevant: I decided to use legacy boot, and I think I never investigated UEFI install.

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Dell E6530 i5 3320M 2.6GHz 16gb Intel graphics

My E6430 is similarly trouble free. I’ll check its specs and post it.

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I think we forget how much laptop RAM cost.
My guess is that Lenovo certified what they thought users would bear. As
RAM prices dropped, and new models came out, they didn’t go back and recertify.


A post was split to a new topic: Lenovo ThinkPad T490

System76 lemur pro
Kde slimbook
Tuxedo infinitybook

All three will future proof you with up to 64gb of RAM

Personally I use the lemur pro with a 10th gen i7 and 40gb or ram. intel me disabled. webcam and microphone and speakers removed I just use headphones plugged into the 3.5mm jack. don’t need fancy hardware switches.
And it is so light even lighter then a MacBook Air.

Cheaper then the librem laptops

It is perfect fo me to use qubes as a daily driver for both personal and commercial work.

In order to add these devices to the short list, we need at least two HCL reports (see the first post here). Would you be able to make one? Also, are they all available for immediate purchase?

Just an idea: make a table with these models specifying a few details, some not so easy to find, eg.: number os USB controllers or number or DIM slots.
I say these a remembered a little detail. Thinkpad X250 was added, and I think it is very solid hardware, but… it has only one DIMM slot. So I get 16G if i buy a reasonobly hard to find 16G module (and expensive too).
Maybe we can make user experience even better (less unknowns before purchase)?

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Hi @qubicrm,

make a table

That’s how I originally envisioned it, but the forum doesn’t support tables in posts (or at the very least I couldn’t find out how to do it). Of course we could move the list onto a website or a github repository, but having it directly here in the forum with the ability to be edited by community members and commented upon is a big plus I think.

specifying a few details

Ok, so I was able to find this for all computers on the list and I think it should be possible to determine this by web search for other computers too as they are being added.

What other details should we include?

Maybe we can make user experience even better (less unknowns before purchase)?

Well the user could always research those things themselves, but given our target group I like your idea. We need of course then also indicate (maybe through linked documentation) what these data points mean.

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Maybe we can do something with the ‘details’ feature like this:

ThinkPad Foo (32GB max total memory / 2 slots, 2 USB controllers )
  • CPU A
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

  • CPU B
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

ThinkPad Bla (64GB max total memory / 4 slots, 4 USB controllers )
  • CPU A
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

  • CPU B
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

ThinkPad Blub (20GB max total memory / no slots, 1 USB controllers )
  • CPU A
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

  • CPU B
    mention who uses it, list positive reports etc

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Hi @Brad,

sorry for the delay. I mark all hints I get with a tag and then work them down. In your case that took a little moment.

Dell E6530 i5 3320M 2.6GHz 16gb Intel graphics
We don’t have a single HCL report for this machine. There is one report for a E6530 with an i7-3540M.

Would you submit one for this configuration please? It will then be added to the HCL list on the website and I can then again ‘tag’ it in another list of mine and as soon as we get a second HCL report from a another user confirming it fulfills the criteria it will be included on the “just works” list.

My E6430 is similarly trouble free. I’ll check its specs and post it.
We have HCL reports for the E6430 with i5-3340M, i7-3540M and i3-3110M.

If you can, please submit a HCL report for this machine too. If it happens to match one of the reports we already have we might be able to include it with the “just works” list right away! It would be nice to get some diversity on this list.

Hi @h110w

System76 lemur pro

We have one HCL report for the System76 Lemur Pro with i7-1165G7.

Can you submit another report for this machine or whatever Lemur Pro you have access to please?

Kde slimbook

We have not a single HCL report for this one. If you can help, please do!

Tuxedo infinitybook

We got one HCL report for the Tuxedo InfinityBook 14 v4 with i5-8265U. We need at least to reports for any machine to be included in the “just works” list. However any additional HCLs you can provide are highly appreciated regardless whether they match this particular configuration or not.

Apologies guys I completely missed the point around having 2 HCLs as a requirement.

No worries I will do another HCL for the system76 lemur pro shortly. Although mine is a i7-10510U.

For the kde slimbook and the tuxedo infinity, unfortunately I don’t have access to them to complete the HCL. So disregard my comments there.

Hi guys
just submitted the HCL then

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It seems to support standard Markdown tables:

Header1 Header2 Header3
data1 data2 data3
data11 data12 data13
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