Qubes OS Wallpapers

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This was my favorite qube wallpaper before finding this thread.


Thanks to sebuq and dispuser632 made this with krita.


Great thread! Qubes has an excellent logo design & the artistic wall papers are cool. Kudos to whoever posted the style guide.

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Have you got the full size image?

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Some wallpapers based on the current color scheme (except the blacklight version).

Qubes Blue

Cubes Blue with Accent Colors

Qubes Blue with Grayscal



i mean it has to be q*bert, right?


qubes dark theme

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Another qubes dark theme


Looking for nord colorscheme wallpapers :eyes:

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It’s a rework of the awesome OS background images atlas-ark made.

They made 25 different backgrounds in both dark and light for the most popular OS, sadly there wasn’t one for Qubes OS, so I had to use my limited GIMP skills to make one myself.

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Are you using GIMP in Qubes?

What qualifies as a “nord” colorscheme?

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Nord: https://www.nordtheme.com/
What color scheme means for me is simply a sets of colors that for designing. There’s a lot of color scheme other than nord. Like dracula, solarized (actually is the same of @renehoj’s wallpaper color scheme).


very cool.

Yes, you can install GIMP from the official repo in the Debian 11 template.

You are going to need an appVM with a bit of memory, I’m using 8 GB in my work qube and GIMP feels pretty much the same as if you run it in a traditional Linux.

Wow very dark

A tribute to the monolith in 2001. Its the first version of a 3D model, so imagine a starring background and view from Jupiter of aligned plannets. Throw in a Richard Strauss tone poem, and you get the picture.

You let the viewer generate the product while you relax. Mmm :thinking: ingenious. It reminds me of certain social networks

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c&g …or, just a concept for a wallpaper that went over like a lead balloon. Its not a look for everyone, its meant to be minimal. I am going to be adding to it in the future, to get something approximating the posters for 2001.



Blender guru has a good model for the earth, that has some design strategies that should help, and I’m looking around for a way to create the sun flare. Not a main-stream look, just something to have fun with.