Qubes kaso-chan

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Never thought Qubes has OS-tan design wwwww, btw appreciate the artworks


pls more qubes-chan.

@whoareyou @Suspicious_Actions

Lol that was a commission.


Is there an up-to-date repo of this type of artwork? Also, how do you install fresh backgrounds? Aren’t they stored in dom0, which to me seems like a dangerous area to play.

Amazing backgrounds btw.

I don’t know if there is an updated repo for the wallpapers. However the recommended way to get wallpapers into dom0 is to open a image in fullscreen and then to take a printscreen. A command to do this with is xfce4-screenshooter --mouse --fullscreen from the command line (I bind this in i3).


In other words, RTFM :blush:


Dunno if I can add mine.

Hello everyone again after a long time. Unfortunately all the artwork deleted after an hdparm format on my x230. I can redesign everything and upload the artwork on github. I can help you if you want for new ideas and artwork

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Love your wallpapers.

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If anyone is trusted enough by Wikipedia to make edits to pages, can someone please please PLEASE add a Qubes OS entry to this page:

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I don’t know, she doesn’t have a name yet. Probably Qubes-chan?

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@fgogachaddict8, that is absolutely incredible!

How about this?

仮想ちゃん (kaso-chan)

Her name is derived from the japanese word for “virtualisation”.

Her origins are difficult to trace, as she has gone out of her way to make sure that information about her is extremely scarce and obfuscated. She likes keeping all aspects of her life compartmentalised, as she knows what happens when you let them mix. This compartmentalisation allows her to thrive in very stressful environments, and perform much better at multitasking than the other OS-tans.

It is said that her fingerprints are constantly changing, as every time someone obtains a set of them, they end up looking like someone else’s.

Her personal traits are being very helpful and welcoming, especially to anyone willing to learn her ways of compartmentalisation, and constantly thinking of new and more experimental ways that her compartmentalised life can make her achieve things that the other OS-tans couldn’t even dream of.
She has an inate ability to be able to take anything in life, compartmentalise it, and instantly make it better. Occasionally, she has trouble both going to sleep, and waking up from sleep; but that does not affect her productivity in any way.

She has had an irrational fear of “working on bare metal” after having some traumatic experiences as a child. She has, to this day, never spoken about the details of these traumatic experiences. We may never know what really happened.

Her friends think her compartmentalisation obsession is a little excessive and unnecessary, but then again, she’s never suffered any of the mishaps that her friends have.


Yeah that works. Also that “she looks so plain and simple she’s hiding in plain sight” is fine too?

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Love it.

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Though I was hoping we’d wait for enough to say yes before a new thread was formed.

rule34 page still empty :sob: :crazy_face:

Because it’s recent.

Brilliant! :rofl:


I guess we now have a QubesOS-tan

I just had her made because there was no OS-tan for QubesOS.

Does she have a last name btw or just Kaso?