Qubes OS Wallpapers

3D nord theme 01

3D nord theme 02

3D drac 01

3D drac 02


Nord style


@whoami inspired nord style


If anybody has the time & skill, if they could make a wallpaper in this sort of style, but where the ‘Q’ is formed of infinite ‘Qs’.

  1. THat the Q is 3D, like in @moreartplease image
  2. That the 3D Q is itself composed of 3D Qs (which themselves are composed of 3D Qs

This would embody the abstraction of a ‘qube’ and the compartmentalisation principle of qubes, in that the user can decide how they wish to design the system.

This is why I like the standard desktop wallpaper, because the shadow Qs represent this.

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I’ve retouched an image of a user, I hope it doesn’t bother you


seems like you are still around in this forum.
is there a way to get this file? i would wish to be able to use this for my blog as cover.
so if im allowed and if you would be up to share this masterpeace, so im able to add my own fingerprint.

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Sorry a bit late to reply. I’m rarely login. The original wallpaper wasn’t work of mine. I’ve added some artworks to it to match my setups. You can find it by the name “Quantum Binary Wallpaper”. Easily find on the wallpaper site.

I made these very basic ones, One is red and one is normal qubes blue, not any particular theme set but im sure someone will like these, the wallpapers are under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, the same license as the qubes logo, so have at it


it didnt let me upload 2 wallpapers in one message so here’s the other one


i might make more wallpapers in more colors if yall want, wont be hard to do so, also i made these in 8k resolution so you guys should hopefully be able to fit these on any resolution display you want (no offense to some of the wallpapers in this thread, but i dont understand posting wallpapers if they are less than 1080p resolution lmao)

I also made another one using the “Cyberpunk Technotronic” Qubes SVG made by: GitHub - dreifacherspass/cyberpunk-technotronic-icon-theme: a blue-purple gradient full-icon theme


Custom boot splash art I made for my T480


I need that!

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You can use the lenovo update tool to change the boot art, the readme explains how. If you place the image file in the flash folder, during the flash process you will be asked if you want to update the boot art.

It also works with the iso boot image, but you need to use the geteltorito script to convert the iso to img, to be able to boot it from usb.


Was playing around with Stable Diffusion today, trying to learn how the prompts work.


Good job! Finding the right prompts isn’t an easy task, and I suppose you had to generate a lot of pictures to retain a few good ones?

Yes, I ended up doing batch runs of 100 images, probably made more than 3000 images with txt2img, and then improved the once I liked with img2img.

I don’t really have any experience with txt2img or img2img, but it’s a very powerful tool, and a lot of fun.

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Those are really great background pictures, thank you @ll. It would be nice to make them available out of the box. There are nice ones already, but it is here in the thread what I was looking for.

da vinci qube



Not many around, so knocked this one up.

Hope you like it. I LOVE it!!

#Qubes Art