Qubes Original Hardware

I was listening to an interview with a GrapheneOS developer and he mentioned that one of their goals was one day releasing their own hardware and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a possibility for Qubes?

Considering the release of new, more performant RISC hardware into the desktop/laptop space, I was wondering if the Qubes team ever plans to design and release their own original hardware?

I was also wondering what sort of community action would have to be taken to get support for RISC/ARM platform machines?

As I see the situation with the Qubes’ HR, we are happy to have Qubes at all.

I’d love to see a qubes phone and even a qubes car…given how much tech there is in a car, I’d love to be able to compartmentalize it so the car company doesn’t know what music I listen to and what I talk about with my significant other, which, right now, for all you know, they do.

But it’s not going to happen. We may get a qubes-compatible phone. I suspect we’ll never see a qubes-compatible car. And Qubes itself isn’t going to do these things, their plate is full.


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