Qubes on Apple M1 and M2

Hello all,
I wonder if there’s any plan to make Qubes able to run on Apple M1 and M2 processors, and if yes when it should happen
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Not until upstream Xen would run on it (which I guess means “not anytime soon”)

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There are several problems that have to be solved for M1/M2 support, none of which I’m aware of are under active development.

First, Qubes has to be ported to “ARMv8 in general.” While the bulk of it is various non-platform-dependent languages, there’s still various bits and pieces that will almost certainly not work well on ARM without some tweaking - in addition to the obvious problem of making the VMs ARM based.

Second, Xen has to support the M1/M2. And I’ve no idea where the state of that work is, if it’s even started.

So, “Not any time soon.”