[qubes-users] ARM in Qubes OS

I created the topic in "qubes-devel"groups, but did not get any answers or interest from anyone :slight_smile: Maybe will be some conversation here.

So, the question is the same: Are there plans to support ARM processors in Qubes OS in the future?

Asking because I see that Debian (https://www.debian.org/ports/arm/) and Fedora (https://arm.fedoraproject.org/) has ARM Ports.

Against the background of a presentation from Apple, with its new MacBook Air, this has become especially relevant, given the specs of their M1 processor (bypasses Intel core i9 even without active cooling).


no woman, no cry - and no xen, no qubes :slight_smile:

but Xen runs on ARM

but Xen runs on ARM

Yes, I see the same:

So that’s why I am interested in plans of developers :slight_smile: