Kali template available

Update 2024

Hi, you are probably aware that we do have template build for Kali in R4.0 and R4.1 but we have built it for R4.1 only currently. I need to add generic documentation on it but currently I’m lacking of time.

This is a message for anyone who wants to test it and to give a feedback. First, ensure to have qubes-core-admin-linux-4.1.8. We had to increase default max bytes size to download the template because the template size is bigger than the others (standard kali with lot of packages by default). Then, you can download the template as usual in dom0: sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community-testing qubes-template-kali.

That should solve/supersede every issues/ways for creating Kali until now.

Thank you.

PS: Don’t forget there exist another fancy distro to try: Gentoo :smiley:


Hugely thanks to @fepitre
Gentoo rocks!!! :metal:
Kali rocks!!! :metal:
Qubes-contrib-repo rocks!!! :metal:
Also waiting for Arch template, it fails to build on fedora-32
and qubes-windows-tools :slight_smile:
So i recommended a premium workstation for this beast like a P series thinkpad with 4 ram slots and 6+ cores cpu.
(currently use 2-core cpu and 32gb ram, 14-15vm’s, without disposable sys-net and sys-usb)

Hi, I’m new to Qubes OS. How do I ensure that I have qubes-core-admin-linux-4.1.8 installed? Thanks

In dom0: rpm -q qubes-core-dom0-linux. You certainly need to enable Qubes current-testing repo. Please not this is only for testing Qubes R4.1 (not released).

based on that output I don’t think I have 4.1.8. How would I go about updating it? I didn’t see that I had any updates available for dom0.

Please read the post: we have built it for R4.1 only currently.

Thanks for building this. It’s handy to have a Kali instance well integrated with Qubes tools.

Some feedback: could the tor package be turned off by default? Currently `` starts on boot in all VMs, which is not something I expect of Kali.

Yes it’s possible. Do you mind to open an issue (with kali label) for that with eventually any other things to tune. That will help me to remember. Thank you.

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I am brand spanking new to the Qubes-verse. How do I update to 4.0.27-1 to 4.1?

It’s not currently possible. 4.1 is still in development and can currently only be installed from early alpha builds (or you can compile it yourself).

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Derpy derp. Thanks for the reply, that makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, some people around here have had good experience running Q4.1, so if you are adventurous, go for it. But this is probably not the best place to start your Qubes journey. You can get the alpha ISO from here: Signed Q4.1 alpha iso

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how about installing Lineage OS, android-x86 and Bliss OS on Qubes ?
anyone know any experience about it ?

Please help me in the link below

Hey, thank you very much for the template and ur description.
Can you explain how to increase the default max bytes that I can download the template?
I don*t know which command I have to run in dom0 terminal.
thank you again:)

On R4.1 alpha release, you just have to be sure to have dom0 updated :slight_smile:

Okay, I will try it. Then the default bytes size is bigger and I can install the kali template? I have dom0 update with the current testing repo and everyting is running fine so far.
thank you

tried it, but get the error: i need at least 1043 MB more space needed on the / filesystem. So I need to increase that? At my complete ssd where I installed Qubes, I have got a lot more space availabe and certainly don*t run out of space. How can I increase that? I like to test the kali template, too and sometimes I am stucked at those simple things… :wink: I saw that I need to increase my varlibqubes da volumes, there are only 9gb left and not enough. Is there a doc how or tool to do that easily?

I had the same issue here:

Thankfully @fepitre added a much smaller kali-core template flavor which you can compile with qubes builder.

Another solution is to clear the journal, since that should be responsible for a lot of your Dom0’s disk space utilization.

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cleaning journalctl give me 400 mb more. And good that it is not installed in dom0, then I will not have any installation problems with my space and don’t need to increase the lvm thin pool.
thank you :slight_smile:

can u tell me what files are installed to this part? just system files and there is nothing I can delete or if I will delete some other template’s ? And in general is it because I selected to use custom storage pools at installation and that is the new part of qubes 4.1? If I don’t click it at installation then it will be one “disk” ? And it is not possible to increse that volume via gparted or sth. similiar like that or?

What part do you refer to? The “RPM file to dom0”? If so, this is completely independent of default/custom VM pool. The transition between RPM file to your VM pool target needs RPM extraction process into dom0 filesystem. We cannot control this part (yet). This is currently a R4.1 bottleneck that we are trying to find what is the “best” solution with @marmarek.

I refer to the varlilbqubes data pool with 20GB ,but I think that I cannot be increase atm. No problem of course ,and Qubes 4.1 is just alpha and that is for trying such things and I will be sure that u and marmarek will find an solution.
So the only possibilty for me to test the kali template should be to do a fresh qubes 4.1 install and then install this template at first?, then the space should be enough and after installing it should be possible to install other templates, because none is so big like the kali one. In the vm pool I have got 700 GB left at the same disk, so I just have to pass one time the “extracting step”

thank you in advance and stay healthy:)