Android-x86 and Bliss OS

Please help me with Android-x86 and Bliss OS on Qubes installation.

First step: create stand alone VM, and boot from ISO (android-x86 or Bliss OS).
Problem: failure message after booting - "There is no hard drive to edit partitions.”
Root cause: dom0 setup cause standalonevm to boot from /dev/xvd*, but ISO require /dev/sda.
Solution reference: follow the steps in the link below - problem is solved.

Second step: boot into the created standaloneVM and installed OS successfully.
Problem: after booting into the OS, it only give me symbol (LineageOS, Android, Bliss OS), and nothing else. I have tried all the available ISO from their download site.

Do we have to format the partition disk in standaloneVM with specific file type ?
And currently, any file type I choose to format, doesn’t appear after formatting.
As we see the file type format options, in the attached picture above,
there are no ext4, fat32, or ntfs options, as mentioned in some references.

Besides I found in the reference below, it uses vmware and IDE as its virtual disk type.

Anyone know the solution ?

any update to this? did you find a solution man?

Try the suggestion there to increase memory to the qube. I also exclude memory balancing.

Have you managed to run BlissOS 14.3 (Android 11) in a StandaloneVM ?
I tried BlissOS 11 (Android 9) and it works pretty well, however some apps crash because of a “” runtime c++ or java issue.
So I would like to install Bliss 14, but it is always stuck in a bootloop with a blinking _ , even with hardware acceleration disabled.

I have not tried Bliss OS 14 / Android 11.