Messy lines are displayed after Bliss OS 14 was installed

I’m trying to install Bliss OS v14.10-x86_64 in the Qubes OS and encountered some problems.

Steps to reproduced:

  1. create a new qube with configuration below:
    Name and label: b, red
    Type: Standalone
    Template: None
    Networking: sys-whonix
    Launch setting after creation is checked

  2. Click ok, then in the popping window:
    in Basic tab: set “System storage max size” to 60GB
    in Advanced tab: set “Initial memory” to 4096MB, and unchecked “Include in memory balancing”.

  3. Click apply, then click ok.

  4. open terminal in Dom0, exec “qvm-features b uefi 1”
    Note: I’dont know why but legacy boot will lead to failure of installing grub and writing disk. The installer shows “Installation failed! there’s not enough space of disk or something wrong with installer”

  5. open setting page of the created qube. Boot qube from CD-ROM with Bliss-v14.10-x86_64-OFFICIAL-opengapps-20230201.iso, which can be downloaded here

  6. “Guest has not initialized the display (yet)” may appear. Wait for seconds, then select “BlissOS-14.10 2023-02-01 Installation” ,press Enter.

  7. In Choose Partition page, press c and enter to Create/Modify partitions, select xvda and press Enter.

  8. When asked using GPT or not, choose Yes

  9. select [New] and press enter, press Enter to use default for First sector, enter +512M for Size, enter ef00 for Hex code, enter EFI for partition name

  10. A free space around 1Mib may appear on top. Select the lowest free space and select [New], then press Enter. press Enter for three times, enter Android for partition name.

  11. select [Write] and press Enter. Enter yes to confirm.

  12. select [Quit] and press Enter

  13. select xvda2 ext4 59.5GB and <OK> and press Enter.

  14. select ext4 and <OK> and press Enter. Select <YES> to confirm

  15. Select <YES> for installing EFI GRUB2

  16. Select <NO> for installing /system as read-write
    Note: Actually I want to install /system as read-write as I am going to install Magisk which requires read-write permission, but the installer shows “Installation failed! there’s not enough space of disk or something wrong with installer”.

  17. Select , then start the qube again

  18. Select “Advanced options”, press Enter, then select “BlissOS-14.10 2023-02-01 - No Hardware Acceleration”, press Enter.
    Note: Booting using other option will lead to stuck in console.

  19. Messy lines appears after seconds. While in vmware workstation player 17 hosted on Windows 10 with the same RAM and ROM, after following step 7 to 18, the Android logo appears and then boot into Bliss OS successfully.

In summary, there are 3 problems:

  1. How to fix the messy lines? As I can successfully install Bliss OS in VMware, I think there’s something I need to configure on display mode(?).
  2. Is it possible to boot with hardware acceleration?
  3. (May not be relevant to the Qubes OS) How to install /system as read-write?

Thanks in advance!

I am running Qubes OS 4.1.2

Did you find a solution?

Yes, I’ve found one.
in boot menu, select more options, enter, then select no hardware acceleration, press e, then delete ‘nomodset’, press F10. Now you can successfully boot into bliss

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Does Bliss work on Qubes?

I’d love to have a de-googled android phone qube, instead of mish mash voip voice/data apps, like described in this book: [url] which is okay for privacy, but a little light on security.

and I just found this, used to build bliss? [url]

nevermind, bliss is stupid

got the live boot iso from usb working, it’s basically android, no esim option, it complains no sim detected, well, no shit, it’s a pc

I guess I’m done with bliss