Dark Theme for [Qubes Manager] Not Working in 4.1

Following both the instructions here (which work fine on 4.0) - Contents/dark-theme.md at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub (setting a dark theme in Appearance Manager)

And also adding settings.ini to .config/gtk-3.0 && .config/gtk-4.0 with gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=1 (which also works in 4.0 fine) - MOST things in dom0 go dark with these steps, the taskbar, most of the app windows, nautilus/thunar windows, etc.

Most things but Qube Manager. Anyone know why this might be? Does manager require a special separate setting somewhere? Does it not use GTK?

I think you just go to Qubes-menu > Appearence and choose adwaita-dark.

That’s what you do in Qubes 4.0, yes. But in 4.1 - this does not make the Qube Manager dark. Makes “most” things dark, but a few things not and Qube Manager being one.

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I saw this too in 4.1 in xfce. I switched to KDE…and it fixed Qube Manager in dark mode. So if it helps the issue is only in Xfce for me.

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