AX210/211 WiFi card not showing any networks

I set up a new 4.1 installation on my desktop setup - iso image checked and is fine, newest fedora updates installed. I have troubles getting my PCIe network card running - its an Intel AX210 (wifi 6) card. In the sys-net qube settings it is shown and selected as a device (next to the motherboard-ethernet) but it isnt shown in the “network manager” (in the top right) - ethernet is shown and works.

I already had those troubles when I had to make it work with Ubuntu 20.04. Back there it was because the kernel version (5.04 if I remember correctly) didnt support that card and unofficially ionstalling kernel 5.12 helped. Knowing this I installed the only kernel available in “qubes-lates-kernel-vm” which is 5.15 - unfortunately it doesnt help.

I saw some threads with similar issues concerning the AX200/201 cards but they seem to work with the nowadays default 5.10 kernel.

Does someone have ideas about troubleshooting this?

Best regards

P.S.: I also added my old (10 years) PCI network adapter and it isnt even detected under devices (not sure though if it is because my mobo cannot handle two different network managers).

I tried installing new drivers but not result.
The drivers in “/lib/firmware/” all end with “.xz” while the new downloaded one isnt. Is that file extension somehow relevant?

I should also mention that the mentioned trick with kernel_opts for the AX200/201 cant be used since I cannot enter kernel_opts in the cube settings.

intel ax210 is supported in kernel 5.10+,
what distro you use as sys-net ?
are you using minimal templates ?
try using ethernet and download fedora-35 / debian-11

Template is fedora-34. I guess its minimal - I didnt really change anything except my trys on new drivers.

Ill try debian-11 first and then upgrade to fedora-35

if you are not sure then it’s full, try download debian 11 and perform update.

then try install apt install firmware-linux
if it was installed and still no wifi shown, perhaps it’s still not supported.

for fedora, try download fedora-35 and perform update.
install dnf install iwlax2xx-firmware

I alread yhave debian-11. apt install firmware-linux didnt install anything new.

fed-35 not out yet, no?

then it should be debian still not supported,
fedora 35 is out qvm-template-gui search in there.

try Installing 4.1 from scratch, selecting the Debian-11 option as default template during installation.

Then, in your debian-11 template, run the following in the terminal:

sudo mv /lib/firmware/iwl-wifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pvnm /lib/firmware/old.bak

Shutdown the template, and restart sys-net. See if this works?

Yes, that helped. After moving the .pvnm and restarting both template and sys-net the network manager shows WiFi and finds networks.

I didnt try renaming that file under debian when 51lieal suggested using debian - my bad.

EDIT: I did a new clean install with fedora-34 as default template. This time I did exactly the steps mentioned by you for /lib/firmware/iwl-wifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pvnm.xz and this time it worked :thinking:
Maybe it didnt work last time because I donwloaded an additional .ucode driver or because I renamed it as iwl-wifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pvnm.xy.bak instead of old.bak

I have Intel AX1675, which seems to result in very similar problems to what people report with AX210 on the internet, but none of the proposed solutions seem to help :disappointed: I’ve tried all sorts of variations of this trick without success :confused: I tried them with fedora-34, fedora-35 and debian-11, and with various Qubes-provided 5.10.x and 5.16.x kernels, as well as VM-provided 5.16.x and even 6.17RC8 (from debian experimental).

Nothing has worked :sob: I either get no mention of iwlwifi in the logs, or I get the dreaded iwlwifi ...: Failed to start RT ucode: -110

I am not sure if I am doing something fundamentally wrong here, or if my problem is something else. I’d appreciate any ideas or help you can provide :pray: