Whonix Connection Issues

Hi there.

I just installed Qubes and am trying to get Whonix to work.

The Tor Control Panel in sys-whonix shows “Connected to the Tor network” and nyx status monitor shows small tiny traffic spikes.

But: Tor Browser in anon-whonix gets connection timeouts.

Also: WhonixCheck in both sys-whonix and anon-whonix is stuck on “Waiting for Tor Connection”.

Any recommendations for how to troubleshoot this?

Small update: after restarting, a whonixcheck in sys-whonix now reports “Connected to Tor Network”.

But the hanging issue is still present in anon-whonix (which I also restarted multiple times).

i tend to keep a sys-whonix control panel open so you can see what is happening with the gateway,

i believe the -ws just uses the -gw, so not thinking whatever -ws is waiting for is relevant?