Snowflake proxy causes crash in tor-control-panel

Click on the tor widget on the tray (aka, sdwdate ?), then select “Tor control panel.” From there click on “Configure,” and thenselect Bridges type: snowflake. Leave the Proxy type as default (which is “None”). Click on “Restart Tor.” The tor-control-panel crashes and QubesOS loses tor connection. Tor status gets reported as “Tor is not running.”

There seems to be a bug with bridges type “none” in Tor Control Panel but there’s nobody to fix it right now.
You can try to add ClientTransportPlugin to torrc in sys-whonix as a workaround:

sudo sh -c 'echo "ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy" >> /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/40_tor_control_panel.conf'

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Do I do this command in whonix-ws qube terminal, or in dom0?

Run it in whonix-gw qube - sys-whonix if you have it named by default.

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So, just to make sense of your suggestion, doing that command would force-change some relevant files to activate obfs4 Bridges, right? So, is selecting obfs4 from the tor-control-panel GUI ineffective and one has to manually edit the file (that you wrote above) in order to affect the obfs4 bridges?

No, it won’t activate anything. The Tor Control Panel seems to check if ClientTransportPlugin is set or something and if it’s not set then it just crash. But if it’s set and you don’t use obfs4 bridges but type “none” bridges then Tor Control Panel will successfully pass the ClientTransportPlugin check and will work with type “none” bridges without crash.

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I ran the command in sys-whonix qube terminal, and then restarted the sys-whonix cube. And then selected the “snowflake” proxy from the tor-control-panel user interface. However, it crashes still. I retried everything even after a full QubesOS restart, but the crash of tor-control-panel under “Bridges type: snowflake” setup continues.

I’ve tried it myself and there’s a different error from the one that I’ve linked so it seems that my workaround won’t work for it.
The Snowflake seems to be broken with Tor Control Panel.

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