When attached devices don't show in files

Its a nagging problem I haven’t figured out. Some qubes don’t show the attached devices in Nautilus/thunar/dolphin.

Is there a command that will force a rescan of devices and get them to show?

The problem would be “device format” of the device OR that the device format is not supported by the OS/software…

It usually means the device format somewhere is corrupt and a reformat of the device will fix this problem.

This type of device format problem is notorious for USB devices in Windows & Linux.

Often I have to attached the device to a debian qube to get it to show, then share the files vm-to-vm.

I don’t know if this is a corruption issue, as it shows on some qubes but not others.

In fedora, there’s the GUI-friendly gnome-disks command. If an attached device is not auto-mounted, that’s the friendliest way to get it to mount, assuming there’s a kernel or fuse driver available.


What kind of devices, do you attach them as a block or usb devices, do you attach whole disks, or only partitions, etc…

It’s USB data drives… most are encrypted with Luks.

I’ve had issues with connecting certain usb flash drives also. Some always work. Some don’t work but will work after a couple times of connecting and disconnecting the drive. I rarely use flash drives so It’s not a big deal for me.

@Emily make a “transport” domain that See’s these USB/external drives. That way you are safest and you can clean,convert all file to a safe format and then move them to where you need them.
Actually this is best and safe practice. In this “transport” domain install virus,root kit software and use what qubes has install to convert pdfs, then move…

Use this domain as your GO TOO for all other domains for (docs,pdfs,files,images…etc) whether you import or download. When importing from another external USB. O ly connect this USB to this “transport” domain, then inspect,clean. As for downloading from internet, you should already know only download to this “transport” domain and then inspect and clean as needed…

Now for other external drives/USB’s that are working for other domains. Connect them to these domains and leave them with only that domain. Think of it as extra storage for that domain and only that domain. Do not move this external storage from domain to domain. This way you can have a domain have TONS of stuff (pic,images,pdf,files, installer backups…etc) that is clean,pure,not infected and the biggest things here… Stuff not contaminated,infected,no tracking nasty bugs, no one sees your shit AND …PEACE OF MIND