Attached disk partition crazy random mounting errors

Several people have asked the same but there isn’t an answer yet see:

When I attach a storage device to any qube it immediatley shows up in thunar file explorer or when running an lsblk command.

Except for one specific partition.

This one did in the past always show up like all others but now it doesn’t any longer. Something happened and now I always have to mount it manually which is a bit of a pain for the “Data” partition that is supposed to serve as a file transfer partition.

Essentially the problem is this: When I attach my “Data” (xvdi/nvme0n1p5) partition it does not show up in Thunar under “other locations” along with computer and network.

Journalctl shows: “qvm kernel: blkfront: xvdi: flush diskcache: enabled; persistent grants: enabled; indirect descriptors: enabled; bounce buffer: enabled”

Now here’s the thing that has been bugging me

If I first attach a different partition from that SSD, THAT won’t show, and then when I attach “Data” IT SUDDENLY DOES show :slight_smile:

There are many more chronological orders I tried and some do make “Data” appear and hide other partitions while others hide other partitions and make “Data” appear mounted.

If I simply attach “Data” and only that partition I would have to mount it manually each time.

Call me crazy but I want to figure this out. How can I troubleshoot this?

(my partition is an exFat formatted partition on my internal SSD)