Usb in dom0 not restricted

[ 1.743236] dracut-cmdline[265]: Warning: USB in dom0 is not restricted. Consider rd.qubes.hide_all_usb or usbcore.authorized default=0.

Just tried to get back on qubes and this warning comes after the grub. How can I fix this. No changes were made except that the computer was updated and then shutdown once but before it worked like normal.


is a kernel option - you test it by editing GRUB at boot and add it after eg. quiet. To make it permanent, look at dom0:/etc/default/grub

You can search the forum like:

I tried this but it gives me a black screen right after

Please give more info

I used this computer for months. A family member did an update and I moved the computer to a different room. Then when I logged in I got the warning listed above in the post.

On startup there are two options:

Qubes, xen hypervisor
Advanced options for qubes (with xen hypervisor)

I hit “e” for edit with the highlight on the first option “Qubes, xen hypervisor”

I scrolled to the bottom where I see “module 2 … rhgb quiet”

After quiet I entered a space and then the text “rd.qubes.hide_all_usb”

I then hit “crtl + x”.

Text flashed by so fast I couldnt see but it didnt look like any errors, just “Loading…” and then the screen is black and stays black.

I then went to the Advanced option at the blue startup screen I listed above “Advanced options for Qubes (with Xen hypervisor)” and was given a list:

Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.5
Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.5.config
Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.3
Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.3.config

We repeated the step of adding “rd.qubes.hide_all_usb” after “quiet” for the first 2 (“Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.5” and “Xen hypervisor, version 4.14.5.config”)

We get the black screen every time.

Edit: We moved HDMI cord from motherboard HDMI slot to the Graphics card HDMI slot and it fixed the issue.

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