Why does HDMI cable give me a warning for and unrestricted USB in dom0

I had a warning pop up right after the grub menu (original post here: Usb in dom0 not restricted).

I figured out my issue was that when I moved my PC and reconnected the monitor, it was plugged into the HDMI slot on the motherboard. So I switched it to the HDMI slot on the graphics card and everything worked fine.

I am wondering why this would this give me a usb warning?

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You probably always get the warning, but it’s hidden when you switch to graphics mode.

When you was using the wrong port you wasn’t able to switch to graphics mode, and you was seeing the output from the text mode.

I have multiple monitors connected and I get the message on all monitors except the one where I enter the LUKS password.

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Yes, the same for me.
But on R4.0 it was different - both screens were providing LUKS prompt.

I noticed that if you change the plymouth theme used for the password prompt, than it’s displayed on all monitors.

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For me it works on all monitors when I press esc (no Plymouth) on password prompt.