Troubleshoot copy/paste not working to/from dom0 clipboard


How to troubleshoot copy/paste not working to/from dom0 clipboard?

Hi @librelifer, in order for others to be able to help you, you have to provide more information like:

  • What have you tried so far?
  • What documentation have your read
  • What specifically is not working for you?

Otherwise it’s like asking a mechanic on the phone “my car broke, can you fix it?” (without giving any extra info). I hope you understand.

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So the problem is the key sequence for copying text to the dom0 clipboard was changed from the default of ctrl + shift + c to windows key + shift + c and now that sequence seems to no longer work all of a sudden. trying the original key sequence doesn’t work either. I just can’t recall how to change the sequence of keys.

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see here:


yeah I can see that the config file has been setup properly and the lines have been uncommented but they simply are not working properly. When the keyboard sequence is pressed, it doesn’t respond properly

Question here was how to trobleshoot.
4.1 RC3 tester here.

Using, testing, learning all day QubesOs in debian, except sys-net having fedora. Had closed lid 3 times today. Dont know at what point got also this problem.
From Qube to Qube can copy paste all ok, but not to dom0.
Oh, also now tested i cant get anything from dom0 to global clipboard.
So dom0 to/from isnt working, but others work.
All show notification that is pasted, copied ot/from global clipboard, but dom0 to/from global clipboard doesnt show messege and keeps last saved setting, since nothing from/to it is not copied. Now does this bug can be a feature- makes it even more secure.
While i dont turn off- what to execute to get to problem?
Im doing testing iwth dom0 terminal nano, thunar locationbar, Qpersonal firefox locationbar.

UPDATE- dom0 terminal tab auto completion also dont work anymore. Is it related or seperate problems?

UPDATE- From dom0 at one point started receiving again bytes to other machines.
Now because of this problem i started thinking about shortcuts of other apps and made one shortcut- to make screenshot autosave with notification. I think after this saving dom0 terminal started responding to ctrl+d to close terminal.
Maybe theese are 2 different problems, maybe combination of them makes dom0 copy/paste not work?
Dom0 still keeps not receiving from other machines pasted bytes.

UPDATE- dom0 terminal still open i have and in it ctrl+shirt+v does linux standart pasting command. I like it, but global past function maybe mixes up cause of shortcut repeating save as terminal. Its freash 4.1 rc3 install so affect everyone. I didnt change any shortcuts, just testing, playing, learning system until i also got this bug.

UPDATE- Also shortcut to close long time ago opened terminal in dom0 stopped working- crtl+d gives just d. Opening new terminal closes ctrl+d new temrinal, but old one isnt respoding.
Maybe button is stuck in dom0?

update- saving from Qpersonal url to global, pasting in dom0 gives old dom local, loading global to dom0 gives what was some time ago pasted from dom0 to global with shortcut or notification button.

update- i just got Dom0 clicking on notification icon to get a paste that was with shortcut made into global clipboard previous and into another vm, but in dom0 was saved last copy. Last one in dom0 local copy but previous local dom0 keyboard shortcut copy was finally accepted in global and available in other vm. So aaa in dom0 local 5 minutes ago with shortcut was not accepted, no notification, bbb in local PersonalVM local and global everywhere except in dom0, aaa to ccc changed in local dom0, clicked notification icon, notification came up, but didnt saved to global ccc but what was previously aaa. So i paste aaa in Personal vm, but dom0 has local ccc. I closed that terminal and couldt get this back, but for each terminal it remembered different function or shortcut execution?

I don’t know that I understand you but just to be clear…

You can not use Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V in and out of dom0 - for security reasons. If you want to copy something in dom0 and paste it to a VM: Ctrl+C or right click copy in dom0. Then click the clipboard tray icon on your desktop and choose “copy dom0 clipboard”. Then go to your VM, Ctrl+Shift+V to your local clipboard. Then Ctrl+V or right click ‘paste’ to paste.

You can also create text file with your text and use the following to get files in and out of dom0. Be careful for obvious security reasons.

What if I change



vault        dom0       ask
dom0	@anyvm	ask
@anyvm	@anyvm	ask

Would it work or dom0 Ctrl-Shift-V non-working is hard coded elsewhere?

Are there additional reasons to avoid Dom0 with Ctrl-Shift-V except that someone tricks you to paste something that is not the same as it looks like at the source?