Copy & Paste Troubleshooting


copy and paste from to/from dom0 seems to be broken. The config files look fine, but

the command is just not being picked up. Would this be a command that interacts with the

Xen API? or would this be with the Linux kernel.

Thank you

@librelifer, how does differ from this other topic of yours?

It’s similar but approaching it from a different viewpoint : )

Hum. I would ask in these situations that you try to avoid making repetitive posts on the same question. Even if it’s from different view points. Especially if in practice the solution is the same. In these cases you can restate your question as a reply to the thread or edit the original one to correct some details.

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Is this a tech support forum for Qubes?

It’s an official forum where among other things community members volunteeringly help eachocher in the #user-support category. You can read more here.