Taskbar invisible

Hi to you I was moving files from one VM to the other than the taskbar and the windows became invisible and are now even after reboot not be back. Thant happened with 4.1 rc3 any idea?

A similar issue:

I once had both the upper left qubes “start button” and the task bar lock up in qubes 4.1 rc3. By “lock up” I mean clicking on them did nothing, and closing windows did not update the task bar. Widgets in the tray still seemed to work though.

If this is related to your issue it may help.

It only happened once so not repeatable, and rebooting fixed it for me.

Since yours is repeatable, I recomend submitting a issue on it on the github issue list: at Issues · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Good luck

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Help! My taskbar disappeared and it is not coming back. I rebooted the machine 3 times now. What can I do?

I found the solution on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Qubes/comments/snmb10/panel_is_gone/

Right mouse click on the desktop and look for the dom0 terminal and type:


It did gave me a width negative content error but the task bar is back :slight_smile:

Update: After reboot it is gone again.

now i belive that the invisible taskbar happened because of dom0 updating bevor 4.1 released official

After each reboot I manually enter xfce4-panel on the dom0 terminal to be able to get the taskbar. Is there a way to solve this so the taskbar appears automatically again?

Also the sys-net network icon is not shown after I manually start the taskbar so I cannot change my wifi network settings.

I solved it based upon a solution found here: xfce4-Panel doesn't appear after booting - #8 by trounces

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Since nobody did it, I created an issue report for this. This is the way things get solved. Otherwise the developers may not hear about it.


I had exactly the same issues and adding


to autostart fixed both the panel and the network icon for me as well. Thanks!
If devs need more info on system specs, feel free to contact me.

Same issue thanks to trounces. i was using the beta then happend again once on the stable. Dell laptop.

This is still happening in March 2023.