Panel is gone


My panel in qubes4.1 is somehow gone… I was just browsing in the internet and then all at once my panel was gone. I rebooted the device but still it is missing.

I found the xfce4-panel.xml file, so i guess it should be possible to “restart” it again but i don’t know how. I don’t know how to “start” the panel and if i have to make changes at the xml file i don’t know how to do that either.

When i right click and go to “Applications” → “System Tools” and then click on “Panel” i get this error message:

Does anyone know what could caused the problem and how to solve it?

This is probably related to xfce in Fedora which runs in dom0, i.e. not Qubes-specific. You could try to search on their forums. Sorry that I can’t tell more, I’m not an expert.

ok thanks, i’ll try that.

@Qubes_User171 should start terminal in dom0, execute xfce4-panel. Panel will show up. Then it is needed forcibly to close the terminal regardless of the warning. The panel will disappear and reappear in a flash second.
It usually happens when using context menu while on panel which somehow triggers closing the panel without the warning.


thanks that solved it!

i rebooted the device and the panel is still there :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. If you don’t want to restart computer right upon this, some icons might be missing from the notification area, mostly network related. Just restart correspondent services/qubes, and they will reappear. After computer restart, all missing icons would reappear anyway.